C-SMART-MINI Wireless Endo motors


Cornerstone dental endodontic motor C-Smart mini AP portable wireless endo motor with apex locator/Dental root canal rotary motors

Color: Gray

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C-Smart-Mini Wireless Endodontic Endo motor Contra-angle 1:1 Push Button


1.Wireless handle,simpile and convenient
2.LED lighting system,removable,high temperature sterilzation
3.Automatic calibration mode
4.1:1 push button contra angle,removable,high temperature sterilization
5.Five different operating Procedures,applicable to all mainstream NITI systems
6.Automatic torque reversal mode and reverse alarm function
7.Easy operating with LCD screen
8.Reciprocating mode
9. 3 buttons,easy to operate
10.Non-contact charging technology to prevent liquid infiltration
11.Automatic shutdown kinetic nergy,saving battery power


Adaptor working voltage: 100-240Vac,50/60HZ;
Adjustable torque,range: 0.6-3.9N.cm(6-39mN.m)
5 setting for adjustable
rotational speed ranging: 125rpm-625rpm
Volume(cm: 19X13X6
Weight(kg)/PCS: 0.7
Packing material carton;


Warranty period: 2 years (excluding accessories and consumables)

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