CSP Dental: Innovating the Future of Dental and Endodontic Care

CSP Dental is a leading innovator in the field of dental and endodontics. The company has revolutionized the way dental treatments are performed, with their cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. One of their most significant innovations is the use of 3D printing in the creation of surgical stents for Apiectomy. This technology allows for faster, more accurate, and cost-effective production of customized dental solutions for patients. Additionally, CSP Dental has also developed advanced endodontic tools, such as their proprietary Endo-Rotary files system, which enables dentists to have a safe and rapid root canal. Overall, CSP Dental’s commitment to innovation has transformed the dental industry, providing patients with safer, more efficient, and comfortable dental care.


Guided Endodontics Microsurgery (GEMS) is a relatively new technique for endodontic microsurgery


This technology enables the clinician to work alone, as it removes all the fluid associated with any dental procedure


AromaRoot is a proprietary endodontic irrigant solution developed for disinfection and cleaning of the root canal system

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