Cordless Endo Motor (T-FINE-II)


It applies to expand the root canal such as pulp necrosis, chronic pulpits, chronic apical periodontists, pulp periodontal syndrome and for who has system disease which not suitable for teeth extraction but in need of treatment or keep offending teeth temporarily.

  • Cordless handpiece
  • Offers quick and easy coupling
  • Non-contact type charge design
  • Automatic power off
  • Product description: Cordless Endo Motor
  • FDA approved

Shipping time: Two weeks

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· Endodontic micro-motor, specifically designed to drive Nickel Titanium Rotary Files
· RPM: 140-600RPM
· Torque: 0.6-4.0
· Program mode: 9 – Gear ratio: 16:1
· Program function:
· 9 memory programs of (Gear ratio, Torque, RPM, Direction mode) are available to set,
· Program 9 is reciprocate mode .
· Rotation mode
· Users can choose auto-rotation mode according to operation condition
Auto Stop: Once actual torque is over the preset torque, the file moves in reverse rotation
After removing the load, it stops
Auto Reverse: Once actual torque is over the   preset torque, the file runs in reverse
automatically and it turns forward rotation  again once load released
· Auto-off function
· Power is off with beep sound after 1 minutes  without operation


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